The Gritty Indeterminates

There is no approaching value
No angle of diffraction sharp enough
No hyperbolic function diving down toward zed
No education of a positive gain function
No lion to be tamed.
There is only a jungle
Only a tangle,
Only the very unknown reaching,
Plotting, plodding sentimentality.
Mendelbrechtian ants like cubist dreams
Spinning in cycles until God decides
God deigns to sacrifice,
To crucify his only beloved son.
These are mysteries,
How zero divides, how infinity multiplies,
On what plane or dimension
Heaven lies.
But press on, you gritty indeterminates
Even though you have no answer.
Press on, keep asking your questions.
You may find an answer, eventually,
A comforting postulate, suitable for a day
Ending with biscuits and chamomile tea.


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