Gawking at Casinos

strangetab CASINOSThe ching ching of the Mario music
Adult sized arcades with real money played;
No gateway drugs here,
This is the hard shit.
Twenty years of wisdom, you take for granted
It gets ingrained, boiled into your old soul,
Like the sole of your shoes,
But be careful or you’ll slip,
Let it rip,
Roll those dice on Lucky Number
I taught you Proverbs,
I taught you Dr. Martin Luther King,
I taught you legacy and history;
But when that Senior Center bus came around,
And you were too busy building your own legacy
to remember me and mine.
Well, the brochure made it look exciting,
Kind of like James Bond in Monte Carlo,
That Jimmy always got the girl,
But spin that wheel, they don’t build
Casinos on the money they lose.


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