Blue Hour

It has been a while since I posted a poem to this blog. Here’s one I found at a German website. Translation thanks to google translate, although I did modify the text a little to make it more suitable to English diction.

by Stefan George

Look at this blue hour
Behind the garden,
behind the tent!
She took merry findings
For the valuable consideration of pale sisters.

Filled with Excitement and Cheer
So she hurries to the clouds – look!
A victim slowly failing.
She says as she burns up what they gave.

That they should not go so fast
So we ponder · remaining dedicated to her
Eccentricity, even as it arches
[Bringing upon us]
A dark rich revelry.

As deep as
The cheering and groaning is
In this new Paradise
Still it lures and stirred when already verdant.


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