Under a Staring Eye

Hard pressed to fight
The world withers under a staring eye
Like the brightest star
In the belt of Orion.

Epsilon Orionis, your light shone
Down on the darkness of a century
Plagued by wars and convulsions,
Set in motion at the time of Christ.

A flickering, set to blaze,
Rebirth in the waters of the orient –
A new aspect given to the face of men
Flourish now on the bones of that old republic.

Dimly beheld, obscured by haze
The smokestacks of a coal mining town
Capped by an imperial glance
Green tipped trees, flowers fallen.

The words which speak the winds
Are dowsed by the rain, the thunderclap
Whispered approach of the divine,
In the ear of the prophet Elijah.


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