Rocky Seashore, 1916-1919

Some twenty meters below,
the breaker lays bare the tidal currents
that whip the coastline
with waves remote-controlled
smashing against reefs
patches of rubble coarsened beach
and sea-stacks that stand erect, like clenched fists,
offshore. Whoever descends there,
gingerly picking his steps, will bear witness-
from the privileged spot on the rockbed
amidst a mass of foamy curls –
to unique, southing perspectives
where the hereafter and immediacy,
totality and nothing correspond.

Things start to vaporize,
an incommensurable plenitude revises the senses inside out
and for the first time in your life
you aspire to unconditional love
and transcendence.

by Ernest Farrés,
translated by Lawrence Venuti

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