Micro Poetry

Everyone needs to find some way to keep in practice. I’m finding lately that if a slightly longer form poem eludes me, writing little poetry nibblets on twitter and tossing them out without thinking at least gives me a little exercise, sort of like hobbling on a broken ankle around the block a few times. Here are a few that I thought might be worth repeating. Each linebreak indicates a new tweet.

Somewhere in long mountains
tumbling waters drown canyons
brown robed monks smile in the
shadow of naked pink marble.

Whispered valleys
the gossip of high pitched roofs
sheltering vivid yellow leaves
jotted against gray formations.

Plastic envelope
Federal money, grimy
coins in a broken machine
I hear the thud of chips falling.

If these are of any interest to you, they can be found periodically (from 5-10 per day since they’re basically poem scribbles) via @talbotstrange on twitter.

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