Later and Earlier

Later and Earlier, the hybrid now
where discontinuities jamb like windows
just before a cold blast, hail storm
ice pebbles pinging like disco
until the storm passes and we step outside
to survey the damage.

Time is an interregnum, a half step missed
twisted ankle before escape, tunnel dug
spooned evidence sifted over years, poster
signed by an olivatic, adventitious negotiation
perplexing the virtue signaling, red to yellow
hoop earrings and a bob, impractical heels for adventuring.

The practice of the discontented ad men,
Dudley Moore quip, Dennis Miller disconnect
harboring the hope of understanding in damp corners
mildewed newspaper headliners like neon under UV
bio-luminescent halcyon, the midge headed breeding
of mismatched species, neutered.


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