Respect for Mortality

Confraternity of vowels, hard syllabic
consonantal drift, naphthalic aspirations, breathe!
The lintel is lit with admirable qualities
horse radish in bloom, leaves bushing up
the heady days of late summer, harvest looming.
Flock of buzzards circling over midden heaps
Golgothas on the line of every horizon, the dip dip
rise, inspiring some colloquialism, some euphemism
a sexual inducement, some definition of life.
Respect for mortality, hope for eternities, the triskel
in aperture, an unexpected blending of disparate themes
discontinuous, striking, the surprise of anathema.
A meeting before sunrise to determine orthodoxy
the counsel of the waves crashing, beating, berating
shoreline yearning for jarring growth, silting, stretching
a constant struggle between opposing instances.


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