Unhinged Saint

Self sequestration, a gentling hermitage
four walls, shelves, a desk and a few lamps
a comfortable prison, furnished, paid for
by the charity of self pity, a remonstrance
unbecoming, smelling salts the atomized
conscience of disenchantment, fairy rings
worked out on dusty floors, crumpled paper
abandoned diagrams of constabulary restitution
the surprise verbiage of a well delivered line
plastered on the bumper of a rusting van
speeding down the highway with unseemly haste
toward the dudgeon, the white waisted, belted
ringed, Saturnine bellicosity of an unhinged saint.


3 thoughts on “Unhinged Saint

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for following my blog.

      For me, I suppose my whole life is part of the writing process, but the actual sit-down put words together part doesn’t generally take very long. I don’t know if that’s a gift or a curse, but it’s how it works.

      Thanks again.

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