Blow, Northern Wind!

Disclaimer: This is an inexpert articulation of a song originally written in Middle English. Using footnotes in the text, it has been somewhat faithfully reconstructed into a more modern form. The original (along with the footnotes which were used to reconstruct a ‘modern’ version of the song) can be found here. ┬áMy apologies to those that are experts in Middle English and who may cringe while reading my version.

I know a maiden in bower bright,strangeflag north wind
That is very pleasing to my sight,
Worshipful maiden, maiden of might,
Fair and free to deal with;
In all this worthy multitude
A maiden of spirit and pulchritude
Never yet have I known another
Lovelier on earth.

Blow northern wind!
Send me my sweetheart,
Blow northern wind!
Blow, blow blow!

With hair so lovely, long it lingers,
I long to frame her face with fingers,
Joyfully, our eyes would mingle,
That maiden so glorious in her bower.
Her lovely eyes so clear and pure,
Brown and blissful, so demure,
He that rested on the cross,
Knew no greater honor.

She is a crown of godliness,
She is a ruby of righteousness
She is a crystal of cleanliness,
And a banner of beauty.
She is a periwinkle generous,
She is a sunflower’s sweetness,
And a lady most loyal.

For her love I worry and care,
For her love sadness and dismay I bear,
For her love my bliss I’d share
And all I could ever have.
Without her love, I cannot sleep,
Without her love, all night I weep,
Without her love, morning and noon,
I long for no one else.