ten MINUTE fiction

What is “ten MINUTE fiction”?

“ten MINUTE fiction” or TMF represents an effort to present long form fiction in web digestible morsels.   It is an attempt to bridge the urgency of internet writing with more traditional forms of story-telling.  To achieve this, an effort has been made to make each episode readable in ten minutes (give or take a few minutes). Presented in ‘internally complete forms’ (as well as the author can manage, anyways), each is comprised of somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five hundred words.  This allows the reader time to reflect on the story without taking too much time to read it.

I started these stories at “memoryisstrange” about a month ago (September 2012).  Several of them have grown into more than I had originally intended they might be.  And they will continue to grow until they reach what I consider a reasonable conclusion.  I hope you enjoy what I have written here.  Any comments, editorial or otherwise, are very welcome.  In addition, I will periodically post longer versions of the stories which will include a number of the parts that are posted here.  I hope that this will make the effort of keeping up with them easier for whoever is interested in them.

Thank you for your time.  We all seem to have so little these days.

ten MINUTE fiction can be found here.


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